Friday Night 2019

The Levee Breaks

A four-piece line-up playing dynamic blues-rock with a touch of soul, The Levee Breaks set includes numbers by Led Zeppelin,Golden Earring, ZZ Top, Steely Dan and Nazareth.
Experienced performers with a busy gig list, The Levee Breaks are very pleased to have Graigaid on their festival calendar again!


Q-DOS are a 3-piece blues/rock band based in the Chester area of the UK. We play classic blues rock covers by Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy, The Who etc.

Keenan Jones

Keenan Jones are a married duo from Denbigh we play Country rock and Classic songs from proud Mary to new nashville country rock.Check our Facebook page keenanjones or Soundcloud keenanjones music.

Lizzie Pegler

I am a singer songwriter living in North Wales and I am self taught having only picked up the guitar 6 years ago. The music that I write details the ups and downs of lifes rollercoster ride. Is it Pop , Rock or Folk you decide? but I hope you enjoy. I also enjoy playing other people’s music from Joni Mitchel to recent artists such James Arthur. This will be my second outing at Graig Aid